Authentic Design &
Localised Marketing
in Japan

MIJ provides a one-stop solution to localise and expand your business in Japan.

What we do

  • Find how your service could fit the Japanese market.
  • Create authentic Japanese designs on web, prints and stores.
  • Advertise your service to customers in Japan.

Web Design & Hosting in Japan

MIJ does not just make a website. We listen to your goal, research your users and create a tailored experience for your business. We will host on a fast server in Japan, gather data and suggest your next move. We believe in Kaizen.


Authentic Print Design in Japan

MIJ is a one-stop solution for localised design, translations, and delivering print orders. We have a broad knowledge of papers and printing techniques. Ask us for menus, leaflets, signboards, business cards and anything printable.

We are also experts on delivering prints to targeted customers. See
Advertising section for more information.

Article Marketing
in Japan

MIJ produces localised articles. We will release related stories for your service and product to attract online audiences. 


Translation & Copywriting in Japan

An excellent copywriting makes customers take actions. Unfortunately, most beautiful writings lose nuances through translations. Sometimes they even become incomprehensible to Japanese customers.

Our translators work with professional Japanese copywriters. We will carefully recreate the translation texts to resonate with the Japanese audiences while keeping the essence of the original message.

rank analysis

Market Research in Japan

MIJ has decades of experience in Japanese marketing research. We take both qualitative and quantitative approaches to deliver insights on the latest Japanese market. Ask us to coordinate customer interviews, questionnaires, life-logging and data analysis.

We can also support you to develop concepts for promoting your product or service in Japan.

Advertising in Japan

MIJ can advertise your product or service on various platforms.


Offline Advertising

– Posting flyers
– Transit advertising
– Signboards


Online Advertising

– Content Marketing
– Search Engine Marketing
– Social network advertising

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